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Streamline organization
and communication

Operating multi-unit restaurant chains is no simple task. MarketMan allows for centralization and uniformity across your group with an enterprise view of each location from the top down.


MarketMan helps corporate headquarters as well as individual locations place orders, receive deliveries, manage recipes, take inventory counts, generate advanced reports and more all in one place..

Image- Operating multi-unit restaurant chains
Image-consistently and uniformaly control operations

Control restaurant operations

MarketMan guarantees consistency and uniformity
across your brand.

Control all inventory, prices, and suppliers:

Have the ability to control all pricing and authorize suppliers from a corporate level. Ensure that locations can only order pre-approved items from vendors that you select. Gain more control with MarketMan.

Approve orders and generate alerts:

View order history and invoices for all purchase orders issued by locations, making sure you are keeping in line with budgets.

Uniformity and consistency:

Gain the ability to change your menu or ingredients at a moments notice. MarketMan makes seasonally or financially adjusting your menu and recipes easier than ever before.

Commissary Kitchen

Unify the connection between your locations and your central production

facility with MarketMan. Easily order between locations, keep track

of production and deliveries, and allow for simple data tracking

at a warehouse level.


Image-view reports with marketman

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We are growing our restaurant network and want you to be a part of it. With the MarketMan platform, you can finally find the solution
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