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Restaurant Inventory Management Made Easy

Control your back of the house operations
Understand restaurant data and actionable insights

Food Costing

Plan and budget menu items, ingredients and preparations. Know your most and least profitable items

Control Restaurant Inventory

Know inventory quantity and value in real-time

Ability to take inventory counts on a mobile device

Easily track waste and theft

Optimize Inventory Ordering Processes

Set par levels

System suggested ordering

Submit digital purchase orders

Alerts & Reports

Low inventory alerts

Profitability and usage reports

Real time dashboard views & notifications

Automate restaurant accounts payable

Scan bills using mobile app
Automate incoming inventory
Update quantities and prices
Sync with restaurant accounting software

Save time and reduce errors

automate inventory ordering from your current suppliers

Eliminate phone calls, emails, and manual data entry

Place orders using your PC or mobile device

Easily Delegate

Let your department managers place orders

with full transparency

Manage users and permitions

Prevent fraud

Manage your restaurant budget

Set purchasing budgets and limits

Know how much you’re spending in real time

Manage your suppliers

Set delivery days, cut-off times and

get order reminders

Get allerts and track shorts, subs, credits

and billing irregularities

Ensure orders are placed with

authorized suppliers

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